BPI-Flash-Net Quick start experiment tutorial

Note : basic test of BPI-Flash-Net Demo board
Before the experiment, please copy the data to D drive, which generates "D:\disc data" catalogue.
Operating test for Demo experiment board of Flash-Net
1)Hardware connection of Demo experiment board:
  1. 1.
    Power supply:connect USB to USB interface of PC and auxiliary power line should connect the other USB interface. If there is no enough room for USB connecting, auxiliary power line can connect other DC5V/500mA power line.
  2. 2.
    Cable connecting: there are two ways for cable connecting, one is to connect net export of PC directly; in this situation, Demo board and PC are networking separately and cable must choose cross ruling; the other one is to connect to LAN which has wireless router and network switch; in this situation, cable must choose the common one. In order to accomplish the wifi control experiment of mobile phone and panel computer, the second connecting way is better.
  3. 3.
    use jumper cap to connect two pins :
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2)Parameters setting of Flash-Net:
  • 1、After the hardware connection is completed and the power switch is on, the NET network connection status lamp will be lit, which means the net connection is normal. Then click 'my computer' on the PC and input: on the IE bar and press ‘click’. As shown in the picture, input ‘12345678’ to the password bar and click ’OK’, then you can enter the interface of parameters setting.
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  • PassWord Management:
Set up the password in the setting page of modifying the login password; Default value:12345678; After modifying the password, you need to input the new passwork when logining again, as shown in the picture.
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Interface of password management
  • License Management:
For factory setting, different certification modules have different functions. Please do not modify the authentication parameters, it may make some functions can not be uesd, as shown in the picture.
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Interface of license management
  • Default Configuration:
Apart from password and authentication ID, all parameters should be restored as factory settings.
  • Reset System:
Reset the Flash-Net module, as shown in the picture.
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  • Parameter setting:
parameters can be modified directly in the main interface and press ‘SAVE’ to save the setting. Restart the system and the modified parameters will be effective.
IP_Addr: (default): port
(PORT): 500 (default): Mask (default): Gateway (default) NetMode: Server
(TCP/IP Server) (default)
TCP/IP Client
Remote_IP_Addr: (default)
Remote_PORT: 5000 (sefault)
Parameters of transparent transmission serial port 1: Baudrate:115200(default)
BIT: 8 bit (default)
Parity: NONE (default)
StopBit: 1 (default)
  • Default value restoring of hardware:
    If you forget the password or IP address, you can turn it off and restart it through SET terminal on the short joint development board, and then disconnect the SET terminal. All the data will be restored to the default value, including the password. Certification management is set in the factory, please do not modify the certification parameters, it may make some functions can not be used.
3)Operating Flash animation:
  • After all the preparations above, you can operate Flash animation. As we all know, Flash animation is SWF document, and it must be transferred and played by Adobe FlashPlay or browser which is installed FlashPlay plug-in unit. If your computer has already installed FlashPlay, you can operate FlashPlay, or install it in advance. “FlashPlay_13.0.0.182.zip” file is stored in the “disc file\Adobe Play” in the disc, unzip and save it to “D:\FlashPlay” catalog. And click the “FlashPlay” file directly to operate FlashPlay as shown in the picture.
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  • Click the main menu of FlashPlay, “File” → open “D:\disc file\application of Flash SCM\experiment testing\test. swf ” in the disc file and you can run test. swf file. As shown in the picture.
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Input IP address and port which is set by Flash-Net in the IP address and PORT, click the "connecting" button. If it is suggested "Flash-Net is connected successfully IP:" in the data receiving area, meanwhile the network connection indicator of the experiment board is flashing quickly, it means Flash has already connected with experiment board of Flash-Net. Press No.1-No.16 button on the interface, which means the No.1-No.16 light up correspondingly, and LED indicator on the experiment board lights up accordingly, a series of Modbus command data will be received from the experiment board in the data receiving area and the test of experiment board finishes.
4)Demo experiment board test of Flash-Net when connecting with Android
  • Conditions of mobile phone for testing
After the above testing steps, we can conduct control experiment for Android. Operating for Android phones must have the following conditions: one is that Flash-Net must connect to the Internet with wifi router; the other is that Android must support Flash. Generally conditions above can be met. Some phones don’t have the function of Flash
And then test whether your phone connects wifi successfully. Input the IP address of Flash-Net experiment board in the browser explorer, if you can entrt the web setting page of Flash-Net successfully, that means wifi has connected.
  • Installation of software on phones
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Operate Frun Setup: enter the above interface, inform laboratory of serial numbers of the machine with phone or email, and you will get the certificate number of authorization from Frun. Input and click ‘Data Save’ to achieve authorization. Frun Setup file path: transferring Flash file automatically when operating Frun. Frun Setup can choose: Boot automatically, which is mainly used for Industrial configuration. man-machine interface HMI and it will enter the Flash interface automatically when the power is on Hide the title bar, which can be displayed at full screen Cross/Vertical screen display, which can meet the requirement of your screen.
  • Download of Flash
As we know, it will generate two files when installing Frun on Android: Setup, Frun. Frun is system operating program, when operating Frun, it will transfer the SWF Flash file of “file path” of Setup automatically. How can we download it when designing and generating SWF file with Flash on PC? You need to use Frun Develop Tools to download SWF file, enter ”D:\disc data\PC client software\Frun Develop tools” (As the following picture)
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1、At the first time, operating Config.exe file and set the environmental parameters of Frun Developr (As picture)
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Three pieces of information are needed of the environmental parameters, including IP address of Flash-Net, development file of PLC as well as development file of Flash. After inputing the correct IP address of Flash-Net, serial number of Flash-Net will be displayed automatically while port number can be ignored. For your convenience, Frun Developer has the call of PLC as well as Flash system develop tool. If you need to call the development environment of Frun Developer, you need to input the path as well as file name of the develop tool. If you merely need to external operation or do not need it (If there is no need for PLC development ), it can be ignored. Save it after setting.
2、Operating Frun Developer.exe file, as picture:
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Click the icon of Android system wireless download, and the dialog box of Android system wireless download pop-up, as shown in the picture: Operating Frun Setup program on Android at the same time. Input the IP address shown on your phone to the following IP address input field, choose the Flash media file that you need, click ‘Transfer Button’, and Flash file will be downloaded on your phone automatically.
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3、Operating Frun on your phone and Frun will call the Flash file automatically, as shown in the following picture:
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Then you can control the Flash-Net experimental board with your phone. Click ‘Connect’ button, and ‘data receiving area’ will display ‘Flash-Net connect successfully IP:’; Click the button on the keyboard, and LED on the FlashNet experimental board will display status according to the instruction; meanwhile ‘data receiving area’ will give back Modbus protocol data and stay consistent with the PC control.


The biggest problem of the experiment is networking. Many users can not conduct the web server setting of Flash-Net with IE browser explorer.
Please notice that you can not enter it of your PC is not in the same network with Flash-Net(Those who master Internet can figure out the reason), the gateway must be the same(like ‘’). The other reason is the conflict of networking address. If there are several computers on your networking, you must make sure that their IP address are not the same as IP address of Flash-Net.
After SET short circuit of Flash-Net, it will be power on and reset to restore the default value: If your net has the equipment of the above address, please modify the IP address of the equipment and conduct Flash-Net setting, or you can not enter Web server of Flash-Net.