Banana pi BPI-M2

Banana PI BPI-M2 is the open source hardware platform,Banana PI BPI-M2 is an quad core version of Banana Pi ,Banana PI BPI-M2 is the quad core more better than the Banana Pi BPI-M1,it support WIFI on board. use Alliwnner A31S chip on board.
Banana Pi BPI-M2 series run Android,Debian linux,Ubuntu linux, Raspberry Pi image and others image. Banana PI PBI-M2 hardware: 1Ghz ARM7 quad-core processor, 1GB DDR3 SDRAM,
Banana PI BPI-M2 with Gigabit ethernet port, It can run with Android 4.4 smoothly. The size of Banana PI BPI-M2 same as banana pi M1, it can easily run with the game it support 1080P high definition video output, the GPIO compatible with Raspberry Pi B+ and can support raspbian Image
Note: Banana Pi BPI-M2 not support sata port, so you need use USB for hardisk
easy to buy a sample :
Last modified 3yr ago