Banana pi BPI-D1 open source IP camera project.

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The BPI-D1 is the smallest open-source development board around, with a built-in HD mini camera. At 38mm (w) x38mm (l) and weighing in at 10g, it’s much smaller and lighter than any mini-cam or camera board out there. It allows you to create and customize your own mini-cam and can be a valuable part of any cool hardware you are working on. The BPI-D1 prides itself on providing high-resolution image quality: Both video and photos are captured at 1280x720p with a video capture rate of 30 fps.
The BPI-D1 is designed specifically to give you all the multimedia tools you need in one small package.Simply connect to an external battery source (with your desired power capacity), and the BPI-D1 does the rest: there’s a HD mini-cam, audio sensor, microphone, CPU, GPIO, WiFi, and more - you name it, the BPI-D1 has it.
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