Android 5.1.1 image

New image: Android 5.1 (Vsersion:V3)

Release Note: 1. LED Trigger default disable 2. WIFI-Hotspot feature supported 3. Muti-Resolution feature supported (HDMI version only) 4. Static IP feature supported 5. Android root feature supported 6. support double-screen display, MIPI Display and HDMI display. 7. support 720P and 1080P 8. wifi working fine. 9. 1000M RJ45 working fine 10. emmc working fine. 11. USB and OTG working fine.


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MD5: 918b1d3707ce58cd203d0b392fa4cc8b


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MD5: d5d8e33b05d1db502ad3d527e512ab27

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