BPI-M3 USB interface
BPI-M3 have two USB 2.0 interface on board.so you can connect Keyboard,mouse, USB camera and ... on BPI-M3
BPI-M3 Android demo with USB camera UVC
USB camera : Logitech C920r HD Pro
Step 1 :
Burn the Android Images onto the SD-Card
Step 2 :
Install thrid-party apk (USB Camera Trial 2.1.7 APK)
Step 3 :
Open USB Camera Trial 2.1.7 APK
logitech C920r HD Pro:
Regular USB camera (supporting UVC driver):
logitech C920r HD Pro Video Demo on youtube:
BPI-M3 Validation test- USB
we have do Validation test for BPI-M3 USB port,all test is pass:
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