BPI 4.0 customized Server

Having been doing R&D in embeded systems for more than 12 years. Our experienced teams are able to help you to carry out your dream. Whether you want to customize banana pi or want to design a computer from scratch, we got you covered. Also, our modern ISO factory spans over 10,000 square meters can help you mass manufacture products to hit the market

Our factory:Sinovoip In order to meet the companys development needs, and further production capacity and product quality. Sources Communication shareholders decided to invest in new plant to build their own, the new factory site is located in manholes and covers an area of more than 10000 square meters,equipped with full range of production equipment and high quality technical management personnel . We have complete SMT production lines, plug-ins production line, assembly line, production line testing.

  • your Idea, we will help you optimize and design.

  • your Design, we will help you bring it to live.

  • your Product, we will help you mass produce it.

Customize Pi

If you want to tailor your Banana pi to your specific use or to minimize the cost for mass production purpose, you are coming the right place. We provide the customization service of banana pi such as remove/add headers or connectors,change component layout,add/remove components,change interfaces etc.

Start from scratch (ODM)

An idea flashes through your mind in your dreams or a solution bearing in your mind for a long time, which you think would turn out to be great gadget to hit the market, but you are worrying about how to start and realize it without R&D and manufacturing, now that's no longer a trouble to you. Taking advantage of our expertise,we provide full ODM service for you. We let you have your sample products from scratch within 45 days. Don't wait,come to realize your dreams.

Have a prototype (OEM)

You are an expert, you designed a wonderful device that most people would want to have it, you knew it quite well that your success is just around the corner. The only last step is to produce it,but without manufactruing capability..., no problem, let us carry you through. Our 13 years of SCM experience and mass manufacturing facilities enable you free from quality issue,delivery...

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