BPI-M1 UART interface

BPI-M1 have 4 UART port on board.

How to use serial port with minicom.

1 use ssh connect to BPI-M1 and install minicom

sudo apt-get install minicom

2 choose serial port

minicom -s

Uart port for BPI-M1

now , we test UART2 ,setting as below:


exit, minicom runing:

check Uart number:

dmesg | grep ttyS*

so you can see UART0 is ttyS1

3 you can use windows hyperterminal or putty on you PC,and setting the right Uart number.

4,test function:

BPI-M1 send "hello, pc"

BPI-M1 receive " hello Ok"

5 you can use the same way to test UART3(ttyS2)、UART7(ttyS3).so all is working fine.

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