BPI-G1 Simple Code Firmware programming manual

BPI-G1 Simple Code has two sets of firmware. We divided these two sets of firmware from the host firmware and firmware. Host is an ap can use mobile phones and laptops direct link. The slave is a sta, is to link the router to link with mobile phones and laptops.

Firmware programming steps:

Install the burner software.

BPI-OPENDEBUGGER three burning software are: 1. JlinkARM Download:http://www.segger.com/jlink-software.html 2. unifalsh Download:http://www.ti.com.cn/tool/cn/uniflash 3. SmartRF Studio 7 Download:http://www.ti.com/tool/smartrftm-studio 4. Writer's programming software package we can extract the compressed firmware firmware get burned software shown:

BPI open debugger board writer and computer links

links good computer will prompt to install the driver shown :( Note: The picture is not completely installed drive, install a good look at all of the drivers burner BPI-OPENDEBUGGER Writer Manual)

Host programmer firmware (A (HOST))

Programming cc3200 firmware

  • Select Serial Number: Click on the computer Computer -> Properties -> Device Manager -> Ports Figure,

  • Click operation -> program as shown below,Then press the reset button on the BPI-OPENDEBUGGER,The programming is done in the below:

Programming stm32f103 firmware:

  • Open J-Flash Figure:

  • Select Create project form template -> -> ST ->STM32F103CB.jflash -> Open -> start j-flash -> Save (Note: Generally saved on the desktop)

CC2540 programming firmware:

programming cc2530 firmware:

  • Programming firmware: Click perform actions shown in the programming success:

Similarly B (SLAVE) firmware and A (HOST) firmware is the same programming.

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