Quick start of TI CC2540/1

The following operations are by CC2540 prevail, if G1 above your hands BLE chip CC2541, so in some way, your own modifications by CC2541.

Download and install the software

Download and install the following software:

  • BLE Stack(Recommends using version 1.3.2, can go to google search to) ault installation folder C:\Texas Instruments\BLE-CC254x-1.3.2

  • IAR EW8051(Please install the software on their own, we recommend using IAR EW8051 8.1).

G1 connection BPI open debugger burn board

BPI open debugger check whether the software and hardware are connected.

BPI open debugger connected to the PC, and check whether the drive is installed, if you can not identify, install SmartRF Studio, he software that comes with the driver. If you can identify that, please give G1 on electricity.

If the drive is normal, then check the G1 and OPENDEBBUG connection is normal. After the G1 to power, press the CC Debugger interface Open debugger next reset button.

If the connection is normal, then the status light next to the CC Debugger interface will turn green, if it is red or other colors, please check whether it is normal or electricity on the G1 G1 is properly connected and Open debugger.

Compile, download and debug routines SimpleBLEPeripheral

  1. IAR EW8051 SimpleBLEPeripheral start and open the project, select File> Open from the menu> Workspace.

  2. Browse to C:\Texas Instruments\BLE-CC254x-1.3.2\Projects\ble\SimpleBLEPeripheral CC2540DB and open SimpleBLEPeripheral.eww.

  3. Choose from the list of items CC2540.

  4. When debugging code must be downloaded to the device. Select Project> Options from the menu and select Debugger category. In this setup tab, select Texas Instruments as a driver, and then click OK. Figure.

  5. Click on the icon to download the program debug button on the device and enter debug mode. Figure.

  6. Click Debug Step Out button on the column, enter the full speed.

  7. Then open the phone BLE software, IOS (IPhone4s and above) on the LightBlue, Android (Android4.3 and above) on the Ex039BLE, refresh the list of Bluetooth, you will see a file called SimpleBLEPeripheral of Bluetooth peripherals. Figure.

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