TI CC3200 mode selection jumper

Programming mode

Under the programming mode, you need to VI and VO short on power, CC3200 will receive as a writer, it will be the serial data received by the SPI mode file system writes to the external SFLASH, but the programming is completed after not running, you need to disconnect VI and VO, then on again, then it will be read in the file system SFLASH into memory and execute code. As shown in Figure.

Run mode

Run mode, you need to disconnect VI and VO, then power on, CC3200 will SFLASH read from the file system into memory and run. In this mode, plug in the JTAG interface, using the IDE's DEBUG function, and the code will be downloaded from the JTAG interface to the memory to run, you can perform single-step debugging. For fast functional verification, this is the fastest way. However, after a reset circuit, CC3200 will be new to SFLASH read the file system operation. As shown in Figure.

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