BPI-G1 smart home gateway project

now ,all project source code have public ,you can free download.

file name: G1_OpenSource english.rar

all projcet source code Download link:


code catalog:


  • MasterController : STM32F103 sorce code, please uee IAR ARM 7.3 open project

  • MasterControllerBLE: CC2540 source code,please use IAR 8051 8.10 open project

  • MasterControllerRF: CC2530 source code,please use IAR 8051 8.10 open project (include Zigbee slave unit code:light,socket,electronic switch,BRAHMA,WR-RFIR product control code )

  • MasterControllerWIFI : CC3200 source code please uee IAR ARM 7.3 open project

BPI-G1 run as below:

all above is base on BPI-G1, it can working fine . make BPI-G1 as a smarthome geteway ,support WIFI,BT,zigbee all function. and work together .

smartHome_IPHONE IOS ios source code ,please use xCode open it. this app is for IOS , use it ,you can easy to control all zigbee slave unit .

zigbee module:

all code demo function as :banana pi BPI G1 use app demo all function


how to debugger BPI-G1 with BPI-debugger tooling :


discuss this project on forum:


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