Quick start of TI CC3200

Download and install the following software:

• CC3200 SDK Package: http://www.ti.com/tool/cc3200sdk

Assuming the default installation folder C: TI CC3200SDK_1.0.0\

• IAR EWARM(Please install the software on their own, we recommend using IAR EWARM 7.2 or later)

• Tera Term (or similar software)

Tera Term link: http://en.sourceforge.jp/projects/ttssh2/releases/

Configuration G1

G1 connection BPI open debugger board

Check whether the connected BPI open debugger board:

BPI open debugger connected to the PC, and check whether the drive is installed, if you can not identify, install TI UNIFLASH, the programming software that comes with the driver. If you can identify that, please give G1 on electricity.

Cover IAR debugger interface file

Copy the file C:\TI\CC3200SDK_1.0.0\CC3200-sdk\tools\iar_patch\armLMIFTDI.dll to folder C:\Program Files (x86)\IAR Systems\Embedded Workbench 7.0\arm\bin (Select be covered).

Recompile SimpleLink library files

  1. Start the IAR and select File>Open>Workspace from the menu..

  2. Browse C:\TI\CC3200SDK_1.0.0\cc3200-sdk\simplelink\ewarm directory and open simplelink.eww

  3. From the menu, select Project>Rebuild All to Recompile simplelink project

Compile, download and debug routines WLAN Station

  1. Open the wlan_station project by selecting File>Open>Workspace from the menu, navigating to

    C:\TI\CC3200SDK_1.0.0\cc3200-sdk\example\getting_started_with_wlan_station\ewarm, and opening wlan_station.eww。

  2. Open the common.h file located at the path C:\TI\CC3200SDK_1.0.0\cc3200-sdk\example\common\。

  3. Edit common.h to use the SSID, security type and security key of the Access Point being used. Edit the macros SSID_NAME, SECURITY_TYPE and SECURITY_KEY to contain the Access Point’s information as shown in Figure. The security types supported for this demo are WPA/WPA2 and Open. For Open security, define SECURITY_TYPE as SL_SEC_TYPE_OPEN. For WPA and WPA2 security, define it as SL_SEC_TYPE_WPA。

  4. Save common.h.

  5. Rebuild the wlan_station project by selecting Project>Rebuild All from the menu.

  6. The debugger must be configured to download code to the device. Select Project>Options from the menu, and select the Debugger category. In the Setup tab, choose TI Stellaris as the driver, as shown in Figure, and press Ok.

  7. Launch Tera Term, and create a new serial connection to the CC3200 Launchpad COM port as shown in Figure.

  8. In the menu, select Setup>Serial Port, and change the baud rate to 115200 as shown in Figure.

  9. Click the debug icon as shown in Figure 24 to download code to the device and start debugging.Select Debug>Go from the menu or press F5 to begin execution.

  10. If the CC3200 successfully completes all steps, the serial output appears as shown in Figure.

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